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闸门随着孔口尺寸和水头的增大,其总水压力也增大,这就需要对它的支承部分的选择仔细的考虑,因为滑动支承和滚动支承在水压力作用下所产生的摩擦阻力差别很大,对启闭机的影响也是很大的。平面铸铁闸门也常用于深孔工作闸门。只是水力条件对它的影响较大,特别是在需要局部开启以调节流量的情况下。因此,必须在门体的结构、支承、止水以及门槽型式等布置方面予以充分的注意。较小尺寸的平面铸铁闸门,多采用螺杆启闭机;而较大尺寸的,不需闭门力的平面铸铁闸门,则宜采用卷扬式启闭机。平面铸铁闸门的制造、安装和管理、维护,一般是比较简单的。但是,平面铸铁闸门的启闭力,受门重和水头等因素的影响是较大的。同时,平面铸铁闸门也需要较高的启闭台和较厚的闸墩等。 闸门 我们都知道闸门的作用就是,是装于溢流坝、岸边 溢洪道、 泄水孔、 水工隧洞和 水闸等建筑物的空口上,用以调节流量,控制上、下游水位、宣泄洪水、排除泥沙或漂浮物等,是水工建筑物的重要组成部分。在水闸工程中,闸门是主体部分,常占挡水面积的大部。闸门又分为平板闸门和弧形闸门. 那么闸门的日常运用与养护应该注意哪些问题呢?下面就以PGZ型铸铁闸门为例,为大家介绍一下闸门的日常运用与养护。 1、在启闭时应留意闸板的上、下极限位置,以免损坏闸门或启闭机。假如在启闭机过程中如有异常状况应立刻中止运用并及时检查处置。

In hydraulic engineering, sluice gate is one of the important components of hydraulic structure. It can close the opening of the building according to the need, or open all or part of the opening to regulate the water level and flow of upstream and downstream, so as to obtain the benefits of flood control, irrigation, water supply, power generation, navigation, raft crossing, etc., and can also be used for exclusion. Floating matter, sediment, ice, etc. or provide necessary parts for the maintenance of relevant buildings and equipment. Cast iron gates are usually located in the main throat of intake and outlet of intake and conveyance structures. They can play their functions and benefits and maintain the safety of buildings by opening and closing the gates flexibly and reliably. With the increase of orifice size and head, the total water pressure of the gate also increases, which requires careful consideration of the selection of its supporting parts, because the friction resistance produced by sliding support and rolling support under the action of water pressure is very different, and the impact on the hoist is also great. Planar cast iron gates are also commonly used for deep-hole working gates. However, hydraulic conditions have a greater impact on it, especially when local opening is needed to regulate the flow. Therefore, full attention must be paid to the layout of the structure, support, water stop and groove type of the door body. The screw hoist is usually used for the smaller plane cast iron gates, while the hoist hoist is suitable for the larger plane cast iron gates which do not require the closing force. The manufacture, installation, management and maintenance of plane cast iron gates are generally relatively simple. However, the opening and closing force of plane cast iron gate is greatly influenced by gate weight and head. At the same time, the planar cast iron gate also needs higher hoisting platform and thicker pier. We all know that the function of gates is to install them on the openings of overflow dams, bank spillways, discharge holes, hydraulic tunnels and sluices to regulate flow, control the water level of upstream and downstream, discharge floods, remove sediment or floating objects, etc. They are important components of hydraulic structures. In sluice engineering, sluice is the main part, often occupying the majority of the water retaining area. The gate is divided into flat gate and arc gate. What problems should we pay attention to in the daily use and maintenance of the gate? Next, take the PGZ cast iron gate as an example, to introduce the daily use and maintenance of the gate. 1. When opening or closing, attention should be paid to the upper and lower limit positions of the gate, so as to avoid damaging the gate or the hoist. If there is any abnormal condition in the process of hoisting or shutting down, it should be stopped immediately and checked and disposed of in time.

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